Prefinished Wood Floors: Accessories Provide the Finishing Touches

You already know the benefits of installing a prefinished (factory finished) wood floor in your home — that’s why you’ve been agonizing over which of the many selections is the best match for your interior decor. However, now that you’ve made your choice, there’s one more decision to make — which hardwood flooring moldings are needed to add the finishing touches to your room’s transformation.


What moldings do you need? Well, that depends on the room’s configuration and the scope of the project, but two factors are very important: the moldings should be a good match with the floor colors — you want the trim to blend in, not stand out like a sore thumb and the moldings should be the same high-quality as the flooring being installed.
Fortunately, Unique Wood Floors provides a solution for both of these considerations. They offer a complete line of high-quality wood floor moldings in numerous wood species such as Maple, Oak, walnut, Brazilian cherry, and many others that match all of their prefinished wood floor selections. You can also choose from prefinished, unfinished, and natural finishes on most of the trims. Now the only thing you have to do is decide which trims are best for your project.

Wood Floor Transition Moldings

While it’s not true in every case, most of the time when your hardwood floor meets another flooring material, there should be a piece of trim added. Moldings should also be installed on hardwood stair treads and at any step-down, that occurs in your floor. A few types of hardwood moldings to consider:

Reducers — these are ideal for transitions to another flooring material when there is a height difference involved such as to vinyl or some ceramic tiles. Reducers are available in various heights.

Thresholds — these hardwood molding have various shapes, but just about all have rounded edges to prevent tripping. Thresholds are normally used in doorways or walk-thru openings to provide a distinct separation between two different flooring materials. They’re often used between hardwood and carpet, ceramic tile or other flooring materials that may be a different height than the wood surface.

T-Molding — this trim is similar to a threshold, but is designed to separate two hard surfaces which are approximately the same height.

Stair Nose — this trim is also called bull-nosing because of its rounded front edge. It is used at the front of the tread if you’re converting stairs over to hardwood and can also be used at landings and step-downs in the floor.

These are just a few of the numerous hardwood moldings that Unique Wood Floors offers. The descriptions on the site can help you decide if the trim is right for your application or give us a call today to see what your options are. We love to help with new flooring projects.