The Benefits of Rigid Core Flooring

Rigid core flooring has become increasingly popular for home and business owners. It is an engineered vinyl floor that has a strengthened rigid core. This enhanced core improves dimensional stability. Rigid core planks are less pliable, making them incredibly sturdy. This is a major improvement for vinyl plank flooring, making it feel more like wood. There are also many benefits to installing rigid core flooring. Here are the top benefits of rigid core flooring.


All rigid core vinyl flooring is waterproof. Humidity and high moisture levels will not damage or affect the integrity of the floor. What’s better than having the appearance of hardwood flooring and being waterproof? Nothing!

Many Different Styles

The appearance of rigid core vinyl flooring is extensive. It can look like real hardwood or tile and comes in many different textures and colors.

Easy to Install

Rigid core is one of the most simple forms of flooring to DIY install, but this also means professionals can get it done even faster. It installs like traditional laminate or vinyl, with a groove and tongue system.

Rigid Core Is Very Comfortable

Rigid core flooring feels sturdy yet cushiony. This is due to its denser core and thicker plank.

Very Affordable

Rigid core vinyl flooring is incredibly budget-friendly. There are many types and brands of the rigid core, which means it will fit within any price range.

Easy to Maintain

Like all vinyl, rigid core is very simple to clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance are enough to keep the floors in pristine condition.

If you’re in the market for new flooring, consider these top benefits of rigid core. You never know, it may be the perfect choice for your home!