Top Five Wood Flooring Color Trends for 2014

Wood flooring continues to be a popular and valuable choice for homeowners, whether they’re building a new house or designing a home renovation. Besides the wide range of wood species available for both hardwood and engineered wood floors, consumers also need to choose the optimum color for their home. For the latest in design and interior decorating check out the wood flooring color trends for 2014 and choose a favorite.

Neutrals are always on trend, but the simple, modern look of Scandinavian design has remained in style for many years now. Natural colored wood floors, both in prefinished and stained types, complement this design perfectly. Natural for Modern Simplicity

Designers recommend matching your wood flooring to the furniture for an airy appeal and letting subtle shading differences add texture to the room. Natural hardwood floors look fabulous in any room, from the kitchen and dining area to a family room or bedroom.

Gray for Strong Grains

Dubbed the new neutral, gray wood floors provide a fresh and edgy sense to any room without overpowering the space. This color offers an excellent base for the balance of your room design and allows bright colors and textures to stand out beautifully.

One of the greatest advantages of gray wood flooring is the grain display. Designers rave about how this light, yet strong tone highlights the natural grain of any wood species, providing visual interest and character in any room. Gray hardwood is especially popular in dining rooms and entranceways.

White for Optimum Display

White wood floors will not work for every household, but if you want a flooring color that allows your personal design style to take center stage then white stands out as an excellent choice. A glossy white finish enhances the natural light in a room, while whitewashed wood flooring captures that shabby chic look that remains on trend for 2014.

Consider installing white wood flooring in smaller rooms to achieve maximum appeals, such as the bedroom or office.

Black for Design Boldness

Black stands as one of the hottest wood flooring trends for 2014. Grown-up and bold, black stained hardwood or black engineered wood floors instantly add elegance to a room. This flooring color works well with simple design schemes using metal accents and can also support more lavish interior decorating.

Think about black throughout the whole home if you’re brave, or use it to highlight special areas, such as the dining room, library or foyer. Black wood floors add a bold touch to any room.

Copper for Eye-Catching Appeal

Perhaps even more daring than black wood flooring, copper provides an upscale appearance that works especially well with parquet patterns. Russet or orange tones can be found in many domestic and exotic wood flooring types and are often used as flooring accents for a splash of color.

Stick with pastel or neutral paint on the walls when installing copper wood flooring, as this color may look off with brighter or bolder paint tones. Use gold for decor accents to pick up the subtlety of this floor color.

Whether you choose natural, gray, white, black or copper to follow the wood flooring trends for 2014, investing in hardwood or engineered flooring makes sense.