Provenza Oil Refresher Ready to Use Refill


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Provenza’s Oil Refresher reconditions and protects oil finish hardwood floors.


  • Sweep, dust mop or vacuum area to be cleaned.
  • Clean with Provenza Natural Cleaner.
  • Shake well before using. Ready to use. Do not dilute.
  • Area being treated should be clean and dry.
  • Using a liquid funnel, refill Provenza Oil Refresher spray bottle taking care not to splash the product on unprotected surfaces or get into eyes or on skin.
  • Spray directly onto a small area, applying a thin layer of refresher oil with a microfiber cloth or mop in the direction of the wood grain, then wipe immediately. Can also be sprayed directly onto the microfiber cloth or mop and applied as described above. If needed, apply a 2nd coat.
  • To maintain a seamless visual transition between the area being treated with untreated oil finish areas, lightly blend the Oil Refresher where they meet.
  • The oil sets up quickly so prolonged application is not necessary. Use of a polisher or rotary machine is not necessary and not recommended.
  • Avoid spraying onto baseboards, walls or other non-flooring surfaces.
  • Let dry for a minimum of 20 minutes before walking on the floor. Dry time may vary depending on amount of oil applied and interior room temperature. Do not drag heavy furniture across the treated area.
  • Rinse spray nozzle after use to prevent clogging.
  • Allow 7-10 days to cure before using any cleaner on the treated area.