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Unique Wood Floors

Named after the dark stripes you would see on a tiger. Tigerwood is a warm exotic floor that is extremely durable. If you looking for flooring with a warm-wow factor, Tigerwood fits the bill!


Tigerwood is a truly exotic originating from several regions of South America. It is characterized by its palette of mixed colors which include orange and reddish-brown tones. Named after the grain patterns, Tigerwood truly has a resemblance to the stripes of our most dominant feline friend. The grain of Tigerwood can be straight or wavy, attracting the eye with a luster and refinement that will provide an intense, but a distinguished base for any decorative taste. Tigerwood presents a highly sophisticated style and is a popular species of wood with interior decorators and style-conscious homeowners with a penchant for the dramatic and well stated. It will allow you to create an environment characterized by strong colors and bold decorative accents. Tigerwood will prove to be a long-lasting, extremely durable, and vivid addition to the home environment.

This product carries the FSC Certification ensuring the product comes from a responsibly managed forest that provides environmental, social, and economic benefits. 

More Information
Warranty Yes
Collection Patagonia
Other Names Brazilian Koa
Color Medium
Structure Engineered Ply
Thickness 1/2"
Wear Layer 3mm
Width 5-1/4"
Length Random to 7'
Texture Smooth
Visual Natural
Finish Polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide
Janka Hardness 2160 psi
Connection Tongue & Groove
Installation Nail Down / Floating / Glue Down
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