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Unique Wood Floors

I like Tigerwood because its different in appearance than anything out there. The sapwood has a warm glow characteristic of South American species and the heartwood is dark brown which gives the appearance of stripes on a tiger. This is one of those rare floors that turns richer with exposure to sunlight. It's no wonder this gorgeous species is at the top of the food chain.

Unique Wood Floors

Named after the dark stripes you would see on a tiger. Tigerwood is a warm exotic floor that is extremely durable. If you looking for flooring with a warm-wow factor, Tigerwood fits the bill!


Tigerwood is an exotic wood coming from South America. It is characterized by its palette of mixed colors which include orange and reddish brown tones. Named after the unique grain patterns, Tigerwood has a close resemblance to the stripes of our most dominant feline friend. The grain of Tigerwood can be straight or wavy, attracting the eye with a luster and refinement that will provide an intense, but a distinguished base for any decorative taste. Tigerwood presents a highly sophisticated style and is a popular species of wood with interior decorators and style conscious homeowners with a penchant for the dramatic and well stated. It will allow you to create an environment characterized by strong colors and bold decorative accents. Tigerwood will prove to be a long-lasting, extremely durable, and vivid addition to the home environment.

More Information
Warranty Yes
Collection Patagonia
Other Names Brazilian Koa
Color Medium
Structure Solid
Thickness 3/4"
Width 3-1/4"
Length Random to 7'
Texture Smooth
Visual Natural
Finish Polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide
Janka Hardness 2160 psi
Connection Tongue & Groove
Installation Nail Down / Glue Down
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