Once you have found the perfect wood product for your home or construction project, it is time to consider the installation process. As wood floor installation methods can vary between products, styles, and finishes. Our articles are aimed to inform readers about the different installation techniques that can be used for optimal performance. Learn about insider tips from seasoned specialists.

If you are about to install hardwood floors, baseboards, or any other wood projects our articles will provide you with valuable information that can assist with installing the products.

Focusing on a wide range of topics include measurements, innovative DIY friendly installation, floor preparation, and more, we are committed to helping guide you through the hardwood installation process with an interesting spin of insight and experience.

  • Snap Together Wood Flooring Makes Home Designing Easy

    Snap together wood flooring eliminates your need for adhesives, nails, or screws of any kind. All you need to do is apply a little pressure to the planks in order to join them together and you're on your way to enjoying a new and beautiful wood floor in a fraction of the time it takes to install more traditional flooring options. Continue reading →
  • Measuring and Calculating Square Footage

    When the time comes to replace your current floor covering with a new hardwood floors you might be eager to go talk to someone at the flooring store right away. However, you can already get started on your flooring project before ever visiting a flooring showroom. One of the first steps is measuring the entire area you are planning to install. This will allow the flooring store to give you an accurate idea of how much your project will cost once you find the right floor. It will also allow them to check on the inventory available to ensure there is enough quantity. Continue reading →
  • How Long Should You Acclimate Wood Floor Before Installation?

    Proper wood floor acclimation has been a question in many home owners and contractors’ mind prior to installation. Since wood flooring projects are major investment, it is wise to understand the true meaning of acclimation. Under certain circumstances, to wrongly acclimate your wood floor can lead to installation issues. Such as to potentially cause buckling or gapping which the manufacturers’ warranty will not cover. Continue reading →
  • Deciding Between Cleats Vs Staples When Nailing Your Hardwood Floor

    With high-quality materials available at affordable prices and increasing labor rates due to lack of experienced craftsmanship. Think you can take on this project yourself? Finding the optimum fastener can be confusing. Some hardwood flooring installers insist on using traditional cleats, while others only use staples to secure solid hardwood. DIY enthusiasts want to know which choice is best in the cleats vs staples argument. Continue reading →
  • Top Three Things to Avoid When Installing Hardwood Floors

    Many homeowners opt for DIY hardwood flooring installation to save money and still enjoy the beauty of wood floors in their home. But inexperienced installers can make bad decisions that result in unattractive and even dangerous flooring. Please avoid these top three mistakes and realize the greatest value for your home. Continue reading →
  • How to Prepare for a Wood Flooring Installation

    You’ve made the decision to upgrade your living space with a wood flooring installation. As the project date looms, homeowners need to prepare their home and help make the process smooth and hassle-free. Check out these easy steps to prep for wood floor installation and get your home improvement completed right the first time. Continue reading →
  • Top Six Characteristics of a Good Wood Flooring Installer

    Wood flooring transforms your home, improves property value and cuts down on maintenance. Investing in quality wood floors makes sense, but consumers must also protect that investment by hiring a good wood flooring installer. Hire an installer with these top six characteristics to achieve the beautiful, timeless look of wood floors. Continue reading →
  • What Tools Do I Need to Install a Floating Wood Floor?

    DIY enthusiasts need to be prepared when planning to tackle a floating wood floor installation. Besides purchasing a quality brand and reading up on the instructions, DIY fans need to gather the tools needed to install a floating wood floor. Check out this quick checklist before getting started on your project. Continue reading →
  • What Should You Expect From Your Newly Installed Hardwood Flooring?

    Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice for homes of all sizes, outlasting the latest home décor trends and improving the value of homes across the country. Consumers should consider this type of flooring as a lifetime investment, but performance, durability and appearance depend on product quality and installation methods. Be sure you know what to expect from your newly installed hardwood floor, and how to extend the life of this beautiful feature. Continue reading →
  • Does Your Home Need Minor Floor Prep or Major Floor Prep?

    Preparation is a vital component of flooring installation. Your contractor needs to ensure that ideal conditions exist on the subfloor, providing a clean slate for adhesives and flooring materials. Every project requires minor floor prep and the installation price should cover those costs, but major floor prep may be necessary for a durable installation, driving your installation cost higher and extending the schedule. Continue reading →
  • Top Three Benefits of Installing Floating Floors in Your Basement

    Finishing the basement provides additional living space without the added cost of home additions. But choosing the proper flooring for your basement renovation is essential. Floating wood floors provide a durable, comfortable and attractive surface for any basement, and come in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles. Continue reading →
  • Why You Need a Flat Subfloor To Install Floating Wood Floors

    Most problems and issues with floating wood floors are a result of one particular glitch-an uneven subfloor. Although many people assume level subfloors are required under floating wood floors, the reality is a little more complicated. Having a flat subfloor ensures your floating engineered hardwood flooring fits well. Continue reading →
  • Install Solid Wood Flooring Like An Expert

    You went out and bought the discounted solid wood flooring you've always wanted. Now, comes the fun part - installation. Believe me when I tell you that you don't have to hire an expensive contractor to install your new wood floor but there is a reason hardwood flooring contractors charge for their years of experience. With a few tips, you might just be able to DIY your next floor. Continue reading →
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