After you have installed your hardwood floors, you need to understand the best way to care for them. We have a wide range of expert tips and tricks to have your wood floors lasting longer, looking better and feeling fresher.

Covering a variety of topics including how to clean a hardwood floor, different types of products to use for protection, and generally how to care for your beautiful natural wood, our articles offer everything you need to know. Our wood experts have years of experience in maintaining our own showroom floors and are happy to share their industry secrets with you. Maintaining a hardwood floor correctly will lengthen its life and increase durability and preventing potential hazards.


  • Gaps in Wood Flooring

    Wood flooring is a beautiful and durable option for flooring in any home, but it can be susceptible to gaps during seasonal changes and with poor maintenance. While small gaps are normal and go back to normal in warmer seasons, there are times when the gapping becomes too much. Understanding the causes of these gaps and how to prevent them...
  • 5 Tips for Easy Hardwood Floor Maintenance

    Hardwood floors are a beautiful and classic addition to any home, but they do require some special care and attention to keep them looking their best. Here are five easy tips for hardwood floor maintenance: Vacuum regularly. This will help to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris that can accumulate on the floors and cause scratching. Be sure to...
  • 6 Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks [Tips & Tricks]

    Wood floors are an extremely popular flooring option. They provide a natural beauty to the room, along with durability and strength. However, what turns some people away from wood floors is the maintenance they require. They get scratched, gouged, and stained, which can be devastating to a homeowner who just spent hard-earned money on them. However, here are some hacks that can help you keep your floors looking amazing, and protect them from future calamities. Continue reading →
  • Tape, Which is Best for Hardwood Floors; A Scientific Experiment

    Tape gets used on every job site, it could be duct tape, painters tape, caution tape, you name the project they probably have a tape for it. When it comes to hardwood flooring, fasteners are often used for holding the planks together while the glue dries in a floating or glue down installation. Choosing the right adhesive strip is an important factor in determining the satisfaction of the final product. Continue reading →
  • Five Tips to Keep Your Wood Flooring Clean in Winter

    Homeowners across the globe appreciate the beauty and character of wood flooring. But those living in northern climates need to deal with winter weather when snow, wet footwear, and ice take a toll on wood floors of all types. Find out how you should care for hardwood and engineered wood flooring to ensure the winter passes problem-free. Continue reading →
  • How to Prevent Gapping In Your Hardwood Floors

    It is important to remember that wood, no matter its species or its hardness rating, is an organic product and made of fibers that absorb nutrients and water. The fibers within wood are constantly changing in tension, flexibility, and solidity.  Continue reading →
  • Keep Your Wood Floors Shining With Osmo Liquid Wax

    A newly installed hardwood floor has a shine that simply cannot be beat. It looks fresh and new, and you can almost see your reflection. Being hardwood, you can bet that your floor will last for years to come. However, while the floor might last, that shine might not. Keeping your floor looking clean and shiny takes extra maintenance, and that is where Osmo Liquid Wax comes in. Continue reading →
  • 7 Ways Solid Hardwood Flooring Can Be Destroyed and How To Protect It

    Solid hardwood flooring, the traditional form of making wood floors, will provide years of value to your home if you take good care of it. Unfortunately, the lifespan can be cut short if a few precautionary measures are not taken. Here are some tips for maintenance: Continue reading →
  • WOCA Oil Refresher: How it Will Enhance Your Wood Floor

    There is nothing better for the look of a home than a dazzling hardwood floor. Of course, for all the benefits that come with hardwood, there is one drawback. Keeping that floor looking dazzling and clean at all times can be difficult. Staying on top of it is the best option. But sometimes, it is best to have a little regular maintenance to keep that shine. That is where an Oil Refresher can be useful. Continue reading →
  • My Experience With UV-Oil Finished Floors

    If you are in the market for a new wood floor and haven’t heard about oiled wood floors yet, it is time to take a serious look at the options. You can be assured that this new trend is already here and it will be here to stay. Today we want to share our own experience with UV-cured oil floors (baked-in oil floor). Continue reading →
  • Evaluating the Durability of a Hardwood Floor

    Durability is always one of the top concerns for homeowners when choosing the perfect floor. When discussing the durability of a wood floor hardness is the first thing buyers focus on. Although hardness does contribute to the overall durability there are several other factors which contribute to the overall durability. Including but not limited to the sheen, color, and finish. Continue reading →
  • Cleaning Oil Finished Hardwood Floors with WOCA

    An oil finish adds an unmatched beauty to the hardwood. Allowing the user to feel the natural wood grains with each step. Oil finished flooring is designed to enhance the wood and allow the wood to become better looking with age. Using the right floor care product is the most important concept for maintaining its beauty. Although more regular maintenance is required for oiled hardwoods, the simplicity is the main benefit. Continue reading →
  • Choosing the Right Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

    Area rugs are one of the essentials after the installation of hardwood flooring. One thing often debated is the use of rug pads underneath an area rug. Professionals have warned against the use of certain pads which might smudge the finish on wood flooring. In this article, we will examine the best type of pad for air quality, discoloration, and rug preservation. Continue reading →
  • Benefits of UV Oil Finish on Hardwood Floors

    Your hardwood floors need a durable finish that maintains the visual appeal and natural comfort of wood. Although polyurethane finishes remain popular, UV oiled finishes provide a variety of benefits that attract discerning homeowners. When you’re looking for something upscale and distinct, consider the benefits of UV oil finish on hardwood floors of all types. Continue reading →
  • Uncovering Hardwood Flooring Myths | Are Beveled Edges Difficult to Clean?

    Consumers have the choice between beveled edges and square edges on hardwood flooring. Besides the price difference and installation concerns, many homeowners wonder whether beveled edge hardwood floor is difficult to clean and what type of special cleaning equipment is required to keep the flooring neat and attractive. Continue reading →
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