WOCA Oil Refresher: How it Will Enhance Your Wood Floor

There is nothing better for the look of a home than a dazzling hardwood floor. Of course, for all the benefits that come with hardwood, there is one drawback. Keeping that floor looking dazzling and clean at all times can be difficult. Staying on top of it is the best option. But sometimes, it is best to have a little regular maintenance to keep that shine. That is where an Oil Refresher can be useful.

What Does it Do?

Oil Refresher not only cleans; it provides protection to oil finished hardwood floors. Traditional floor soaps can do a fine job of cleaning, however over time, oil finished hardwoods will dry out which will cause your floor to look duller and less vibrant. This is because the soap does not contain oil which is good for regular use but not seasonal maintenance. The Refresher can do more than just clean the floor, It can give back that protective coating to keep your floors looking fresh and prolong the need to re-oil or refinish your hardwood. The oil ingredients penetrate the wood with each application reinvigorating that protection. That means that every time you clean, you are protecting your floor as well.

WOCA Oil Refresher Natural

There are some variants when it comes to this product. WOCA Oil Refresher Natural works best with floors that have natural oil and colors. The formula is specifically designed for these types of floors.

WOCA Oil Refresher White

WOCA Oil Refresher White is best used with white oiled wood. It is optimized for whitewashed treatments to preserve the white pigments the manufacturer intended.

How & When to Use it

WOCA Oil Refresher should be mixed with water as per the instructions. Then it can be used just like traditional floor soap. However, while it is a great product for cleaning your floors, it should only be used 2-3 time annually for best results because Oil Refresher contains high concentrates of natural oil which the wood only needs in moderation. You can use WOCA Soap Natural or WOCA Soap White in the meantime, along with regular upkeep like sweeping and spot cleaning.

Everyone wants a spectacular looking hardwood floor. With WOCA Oil Refresher, you can have a sparkling, vibrant floor and keep it that way for years to come.

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