Hickory Wood Flooring Will Add a Rustic Charm to Your Home

The world is dominated by trends, and our lives are increasingly ruled by technology. Sometimes it is nice to have a refuge from the modern world. Making your home feel a little rustic is certainly a good way to do that. Hickory wood flooring, with its tree-colored tan to reddish shades, is a perfect option if you are looking to make your city home feel a little country. Here are some other benefits of hickory wood flooring.

Our Hickory Wood Flooring Products

  • American Collection Character Hickory
  • Millennium Hickory Oiled Hand Scraped

The Benefits of Hickory Wood Flooring

In the Kitchen

An increasing number of homeowners are installing hardwood in their kitchens, and with good reason. Due to its hardness, hickory is one of the best flooring option for the kitchen. It can better withstand hazards like falling pots and pans better than other flooring options. Scratches and dents can ruin a floor quite quickly, and hickory will camouflage those small imperfections with its natural color variation. Combined with sealants in flooring finish technology, Hickory becomes highly resistant to water from spills that happen so often in the kitchen.

In the Family Room

Family rooms tend to get a lot of traffic for families with pets, young children, and those who love to entertain guests. Luckily Hickory is one of the top woods that can withstand the wear and tear. All that action can cause a toll on a floor. The strength of hickory is a benefit if you want to place exercise equipment or heavy grand pianos or like to reconfigure your furniture regularly.


We have already mentioned that hickory is great at withstanding damage, but it is great at hiding dents and scratches if they happen to occur. Because of its dark and light mixture, scratches and dents are harder to see. Stains and dirt can be well hidden by hickory, which is wonderful for those with a busy lifestyle. Dry mopping is much easier since you can worry less about damage from too much water.

There are plenty of flooring options out there, and they all have their benefits. If you are looking for a “rustic” floor that can hold up strong against wear and tear, then hickory should definitely be one of the top contenders.