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  • Do Hardwood Floors Keep Homes Cool in the Summer?

    As anyone who has ever stepped foot on a blistering hot day knows, bare feet on the sizzling pavement is not a pleasant experience. The same can be said for hardwood floors in the summertime. If your home doesn’t have central air conditioning, or if you’re looking to keep your energy bills down, you might be wondering if hardwood floors...
  • How Wood Changes Naturally Over Time

    Wood is a beautiful, natural material that can add warmth and character to any home. But like all natural materials, wood is subject to change over time, particularly when exposed to light. This process, called photosensitivity, is perfectly normal and doesn't necessarily mean that your wood furniture is damaged. Many people embrace the changes that occur as wood ages, as...
  • Amorim Cork Flooring: Walk On Amazing

    You may not have heard of cork material being used as a flooring surface, but Amorim has been in the cork business for over half a century. Cork flooring is an incredibly resilient and eco-friendly surface that can add many health benefits to your home. From heat retention, natural insulation, and a Greenguard Gold certification for having next to zero...
  • Salt Meets Hardwood Flooring

    Salt and Snow On Hardwood Floors   Midwesterners are no strangers to salt and snow. Unfortunately, salt and snow can be damaging to your hardwood floors. Here are some things you need to know to prevent your floors from being damaged.   Why Is Snow and Salt Bad For Hardwood Floors?   The deicing salt that is spread on sidewalks...
  • How Wood Floor Trends Have Changed: The Evolution

    Since the beginning of humanity, flooring has been ever-changing. From dirt, sand, straw, wood, concrete, and much more, we’ve undoubtedly tried all materials. This is because we’re always optimizing for better. In terms of flooring, many trends have started and vanished because of the style, comfortability, durability, and heat retention capabilities. But, within recent years, floor trends have come and...
  • Why Engineered Hardwood Flooring Has Become So Popular

    You might have noticed a trend in the hardwood flooring market, and that is the rise in the popularity of engineered hardwood flooring. There are many reasons why it has become installed in many homes. From easy maintenance to affordability, engineered hardwood flooring comes with many benefits. On top of all that, it looks amazing! Here are some reasons why...
  • The Effects the US Housing Market is Having on Construction

    Despite the pandemic, the United States is experiencing an extreme seller’s housing market. The momentum of this is so strong that many first-time buyers or movers are continuously getting outbid in pricing wars. To counteract this issue, many people who wanted to relocate or move into their own houses choose to construct or remodel their homes. However, because of the...
  • Effects Of Covid-19 On The Wood Flooring Industry

    You may or may not know about the effects that Covid-19 has had on the United States Wood Flooring industry and not just the supply in flooring but the harvesting of wood as well. The lumber sector has fallen short since the start of the pandemic. From pulp & paper during the toilet roll rush all the way to hardwood flooring. Continue reading →
  • What Is Waterproof Flooring And What Are Its Benefits?

    If you’re in the market for new floors, you’re probably looking for most advantageous ones for your homes. While you want something that is comfortable and stylish, you should also consider the functionality and maintenance of the flooring before you invest in a new one. Floors go through the most wear-and-tear in a home, so you should make sure to...
  • 3 Ways To Save On Your Flooring Project

    One of the biggest and most long-term investments in your home is your flooring. Once you put it in, it's here to stay. Hardwood flooring gives you the most flexibility to not only having a long-lasting material but also to make color changes with a little bit of sanding down the road.  So, the big question here is, what can you do to add quality wood flooring without spending a fortune? Continue reading →
  • Best of Houzz 2020 Award

    Unique Wood Floors of MN awarded Best Of Houzz 2020 The Annual People’s Choice Award from the Houzz Community Highlights Home Construction Professionals with Most Popular Designs and Top Ratings Continue reading →
  • Effects of Automation on Flooring - Part 1: Manufacturing

    A decade from now about half of the jobs we know today will be replaced by automation. U.S. Bureau of Labor and McKinsey Global Institute data suggest that not all jobs are hit equally. We’ll evaluate how this will affect the flooring industry in a three-part series from manufacturing to retail to installation and brainstorm a few ways you can prepare. Continue reading →
  • Alternative Uses for Leftover Wood Floors

    When buying wood flooring its always a good idea to have just a little extra before installing. It gives you the option to pick through the boards for the right color, always having that right size that you need to pull together the look that will be in your home for a lifetime.  Continue reading →
  • Flooded Floors Check List [Dealing With Insurance]

    My first home was a condo with a dark oil finished engineered wood floor. The home was mostly modern décor. Several years after the floors were installed I was watching sports in the living room when my wife asked me why it sounds like there is a squishy sound on the wood floor. Turns out it was a flooded floor... Continue reading →
  • Dog Lover's Guide To Buying Floors

    We get a lot of questions from customers asking which floors are best when they have dogs. Here are a few tips to help pick wood flooring that will be great for both the homeowner and their dogs. Continue reading →
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