How Designers Are Using Brazilian Macchiato Pecan

Macchiato Pecan, also commonly known as Brazilian Pecan/Hickory, is a wood indigenous to South America specifically Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Its similarities to Pecan and Hickory are uncanny and often characterized by the variations in color. Each plank may consist of dark brown espresso hues in the heartwood and quickly transition to a light crème color in the sapwood producing some of the most interesting visuals in exotic hardwoods found around the world.

Macchiato Pecan wood is considered a high contrast charactered wood species. Unlike traditional North American charactered woods which are used more for rustic reclaimed floors; this flooring is often used in contemporary designs. The minimalist style is best used with this wood to keep a sense of serenity and avoid an overcrowded interior ambiance.

Designers often pair this wood with more neutral tones to really draw attention to the Macchiato Pecan making it the focal point of the room. Mary DeWalt Design Group used this wood floor for their award winning design in the greater Austin, TX area by creating a dramatic contrast in the entry way for breathtaking visuals while maintaining a sleek minimalist style elsewhere.

Stained options such as Chocolate and Graphite are now also offered in this wood species which reduced the color variation of the natural color while retaining the interesting visuals which are created by the heartwood and sapwood. These new colors are creating another interesting dynamic in the realm of interior design just waiting for those bold enough to utilize it.