New Trends in Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood flooring provides the look and charm of genuine wood without the limitations of hardwood. Do you dream of wood flooring in the basement or other areas fraught with high humidity levels? Do you like to keep up with decorating and interior design trends? Check out these top trends in engineered flooring and obtain the style you deserve.

Plank Width Expands

Much like hardwood flooring trends, engineered wood flooring is coming out in larger widths to create a cozy feel. Long, narrow wood floor planks tend to lend a more formal appearance to the room, often visually expanding the space and dressing up your home.

Wider planks, reminiscent of cottages or country homes, create a more casual atmosphere. Invest in an engineered wood floor in wide plank widths to follow this latest trend.

Colors Make a Comeback

Bold colors are showing up all over trendy designs, including on the wall, in the furniture and splashed across décor items. But bold colors make a statement on the floor, and even more so with wood flooring.

Imagine engineered wood flooring tinted in deep burgundy or whitewashed for a beach look. Specialty manufacturers are also offering a bright palette of reds, greens and blues, although these products may be highly specialized with longer production cycles.

Reclaimed and Eco Friendly for the Earth

Environmentally friendly options have been in demand for a few years, and that demand shows no sign of waning. Reclaimed solid hardwood continues to sell at impressive rates as more barns and older homes come down from age and development.

Manufacturers have seen the advantage of making reclaimed engineered wood floors, as this type of flooring uses much less of the reclaimed material to make a single plank. Expect your engineered wood flooring to contain about 25 percent of the reclaimed wood in solid hardwood products, backed by the same durable, layered base of other engineered wood flooring products.

This design allows many more consumers to take advantage of this eco friendly flooring product. It also provides consumers with the opportunity to use reclaimed wood in any area of the home, including the basement and areas fitted with radiant floor heating.
Reclaimed engineered wood floors come with a top layer thick enough for at least one refinishing project.

Smoked for a Stellar Effect

Slightly different than the boldly colored flooring products mentioned above, deep smoked engineered wood flooring offers drama and class. Due to the processing and finish this type of engineered wood floor presents a high contrast grain and plenty of texture.

Choose it for formal dining rooms, entranceways and open family living rooms to create a very warm, detailed look. Deep smoked lines are most often available in darker tones, such as charcoal and grey.

Take advantage of the benefits engineered wood flooring provides, including impressive durability and incredible beauty. These top new trends in engineered wood floors offer the latest and greatest in design paired with the tried and true quality that this wood flooring brings into the picture.