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  • Domestic Lumber Trends 2014 and Beyond

    Hardwood can be an integral part of a home’s design and favorite woods, stains, and finishes go in and out of style, just like most other aspects of interior design. Domestic lumber, also referred to as North American lumber, is becoming increasingly popular and overtaking the bamboo craze that swept the nation a few years ago. Oak, maple, hickory, and walnut are the top four most popular domestic hardwoods and their increasing rates of installation, for a number of reasons to be discussed, also come with a few consequences which should be considered. Continue reading →
  • Uncovering Hardwood Flooring Myths | Are Beveled Edges Difficult to Clean?

    Consumers have the choice between beveled edges and square edges on hardwood flooring. Besides the price difference and installation concerns, many homeowners wonder whether beveled edge hardwood floor is difficult to clean and what type of special cleaning equipment is required to keep the flooring neat and attractive. Continue reading →
  • Top Five Wood Flooring Color Trends for 2014

    Wood flooring continues to be a popular and valuable choice for homeowners, whether they're building a new house or designing a home renovation. Besides the wide range of wood species available for both hardwood and engineered wood floors, consumers also need to choose the optimum color for their home. For the latest in design and interior decorating check out the wood flooring color trends for 2014 and choose a favorite. Continue reading →
  • How to Deal With the Top 10 Common Messes on Hardwood Floors

    much you try to avoid it, some of those messes end up on your hardwood floors. Learn how to extend the life of your wood flooring and keep this area of your home clean. Continue reading →
  • Five Tips on Choosing Wood Floors for Your Mudroom

    Mudrooms play an important role in the modern home, acting as a buffer between the interior and exterior of your home. Choosing the right wood floors for your mudroom makes a big difference to the look and function of this room. Find out how to add the beauty of wood flooring to your mudroom. Continue reading →
  • Tips on Choosing Between Different Types of Bamboo Wood Flooring

    Consumers love bamboo wood flooring for its natural beauty, durability and environmental benefits. Manufacturers have responded to the growing demand by introducing several types of bamboo floor, providing distinct finishes for varied tastes. Find out how to choose between these types and understand the different looks and textures available. Continue reading →
  • The Brief History of Hardwood Floors in America

    Oriental rugs and polished wooden floors are what comes to our mind when we try to envision the historic interiors. However, this picture is not entirely accurate because until the late 19thcentury finish hardwood floors or oriental rugs were not that common. Wood has been used for flooring for quite a long time but in a much simpler form than we might imagine. Continue reading →
  • Wood Flooring in the Bathroom

    Flooring inside a bathroom is as important as any other part of your house. Bathroom floors and the overall effort put into the designing of a bathroom add a lot to the overall ambiance of the house. The most basic thing to consider when choosing the floor of your bathroom is the moisture. While some people might think that placing a carpet on a bathroom floor is a good idea will eventually find that it is actually not the case. The moisture inside your bathroom and the carpet flooring is not a good combination as carpets tend to absorb moisture that can attract bacteria. Continue reading →
  • How to Choose Hardwoods For Your Home

    You need to use your imagination when you set out to buy planks for your hardwood floors. There are many kinds of wood you can choose from but you need to choose the one that is just the right size and color for your house. Following are some easy instructions that you can follow in order to choose the best wide hardwood planks for your floors: Continue reading →
  • How Wood Is Kiln Dried

    Kiln is a kind of furnace or oven that is used for hardening, drying, or burning materials such as clay, meal, grain, and wood. It is a process that has been used for centuries for drying wood. Drying wood in a kiln has both benefits and drawbacks as compared to drying the wood through the process of air-drying. Continue reading →
  • How To Protect Your Wood Flooring From Moisture Damage

    Moisture causes more damage to wood flooring than almost any other factor, and it can quickly destroy the beauty and comfort you’ve come to count on from hardwood or engineered wood floors. Understanding how moisture damage occurs and learning how to treat your wood flooring properly helps to reduce the risk of damage. Continue reading →
  • Uncovering Hardwood Flooring Myths | How Important is the Factory Finish on Wood Floors?

    Homeowners assume many things about their hardwood flooring, and several of those assumptions center on the factory finish aka prefinish application. Prefinished floors provides durability and beauty to your flooring. But is this factor more important than the wood species? Discover what you need to know about the finish and make a more informed choice when buying hardwood flooring. Continue reading →
  • Top Three Things to Avoid When Installing Hardwood Floors

    Many homeowners opt for DIY hardwood flooring installation to save money and still enjoy the beauty of wood floors in their home. But inexperienced installers can make bad decisions that result in unattractive and even dangerous flooring. Please avoid these top three mistakes and realize the greatest value for your home. Continue reading →
  • Three Essential Wood Flooring Accessories You Need to Install

    Hardwood flooring creates an attractive, luxurious atmosphere in your living space. The rich colors, warm texture and solid durability come together to provide a foundation for any room. Consider how the right wood flooring accessories bring this combination to another level, and allow the true beauty of your hardwood floor to shine. Continue reading →
  • Why Wood Floors Are an Eco Friendly Choice for Your Home

    Are you concerned with environmental issues? Does that concern influence your purchasing decisions and affect your home design? Find out why wood floors provide an eco friendly choice for your home and help to protect the planet for generations to come. Continue reading →
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