As with all design and aesthetics-related industries, there are always new trends gaining popularity in the hardwood world. Whether the hottest looks for floors, the newest ways to maintain hardwood, or innovative installation methods, the hardwood flooring industry in constantly evolving.

We like to keep you informed of the hardwood trends so that you may find the perfect look for your home, discover an innovate new installation method, or find the best new oil to keep your hardwood looking great.

We love to stay on top of the hardwood trends to ensure that we are able to offer our clients the most sought-after looks by professional interior designers and contractors. Understanding the trends also helps you understand the prices of each individual hardwood, as newer and more requested styles may cost more than traditional finishes but may appear more to buyers when you are ready to sell your property.

  • Top Five Wood Flooring Color Trends for 2014

    Wood flooring continues to be a popular and valuable choice for homeowners, whether they're building a new house or designing a home renovation. Besides the wide range of wood species available for both hardwood and engineered wood floors, consumers also need to choose the optimum color for their home. For the latest in design and interior decorating check out the wood flooring color trends for 2014 and choose a favorite. Continue reading →
  • New Trends in Engineered Wood Floors

    Engineered wood flooring provides the look and charm of genuine wood without the limitations of hardwood. Do you dream of wood flooring in the basement or other areas fraught with high humidity levels? Do you like to keep up with decorating and interior design trends? Check out these top trends in engineered flooring and obtain the style you deserve. Continue reading →
  • The Effects of Dark Stains vs Light Stains on a Room

    Many things affect the atmosphere of a room, including d├ęcor, furniture and paint. Your hardwood flooring stain color has an instant effect on all types of living spaces, and the decision between dark stains vs light stains plays a major role in interior design. Explore all of your options and consider the overall effect of each wood floor stain. Continue reading →
  • A Look at the Latest Trends in Wood Floors

    Decorating trends change over the years, even moving from one look to the next over a few seasons. The latest tends in wood floors echo back to the past, bringing a fresh new look to our homes by harkening the styles of yesterday. Some focus on sustainability, others aim for a rustic look and still others combine distinct looks for a striking appearance. Continue reading →
  • Popular Patterns for Your Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors come in a wide range of colors and grain patterns. Consumers can also choose between various profiles and plank widths, further customizing the look of their flooring and creating a unique atmosphere in their home. Another way to make your living space fresh is by opting for one of the popular patterns for hardwood floors, combining all of the above options in one beautiful finish. Continue reading →
  • How Housing Trends Affect the Hardwood Flooring Market

    Both homeowners and homebuyers appreciate the look and feel of hardwood flooring. Shifts in the housing trends affect that level of appreciation and increase the popularity of certain wood flooring. Get an inside look at the hardwood flooring market by considering current housing trends. Continue reading →
  • Choosing Between Domestic vs Exotic Hardwood Floors

    Consumers need to consider several factors when shopping for hardwood floors. One of the most important decisions to make is choosing between domestic vs exotic hardwood floors. From color to hardness, durability and price point, the characteristics of each species can be vastly different, creating a distinct look in your living space. Continue reading →
  • Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wood Floors Online

    Wood floors create a warm, comforting atmosphere in any room of your home, enhancing living space and improving property value. In the past homeowners traveled from flooring store to flooring store, searching for the ideal wood floors at an affordable price. Savvy shoppers can now buy wood floors online, saving time and money. Continue reading →
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